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Uhm, hi im alicia call me myluh senior year i love bands and tattoos i wanna be in a band or something one day and i love music alot more than food in all honesty .-. uhm question me if you wonder

I’ve got something to give but i would kill just to feel less invisible
This Is not what i want
But Now its What i need
Can i just have one more taste?
Just to make it through the day?

  • Me: i will always love pierce the veil more then you
  • Him: i will always love slayer more then you
Anonymous: Does your boyfriend like pierce the veil..

Yes… he likes them and i told him no matter how much i say i love you just remember i love ptv more then you and he said okay babe but remember i love slayer more then you then so yeah … thats what happend today 

9. August 2012

IM like playing pokemon leaf green finally online here and im like gonna get my pokemon to a higher level and get through diglets cave ect… so i shall return 

5. August 2012

i havent ate today i only ate Doritos Locos Tacos and that was it so yeah and im hungry but i dont wanna eat now cause i feel perfectly fine and i wanna die or cutt or something to get rid of this stress over thinking worried paranoid-ness i have right now ubgfvsyfbvasdiyfhbascfyuhoadbscyhZIBc yZDIHvcboZ hycnAD

Anonymous: You are beautiful, I can promise that.

NO! im not beautiful D: dont make promises 

The day Austin Carlile Dm’d me on twitter (Taken with Instagram)
Thats the Cutest photo i have seen of a friend with austin 
Anonymous: Your Demise,Miss May I,Of Mice & Men,The Ghost Inside

Your demise: 2 places you’d like to visit—> London , Australia

Miss May i: What song(s) help you get through the day? -> collide with the sky or something that fits my mood

Of Mice & Men: Are you a virgin? —> yes 

The Ghost Inside: Have you ever self harmed?—-> YES and i could relapes anytime now

I got bored and wanted to edit stuff and i dont own the photo

i Dont know if i posted my cover but here you go 

Look At what i bought today
Im getting teary eyes i miss you soo much words cant explain i wish i can hug you and tell you i love you , i miss the days when i saw you i was happy to see you cause i knew you loved me and things no one told me you were shitzopherniac ect. i didnt know you had problem i wish you didnt put that gun to your head i need you i miss you soo much im crying right now , I  know your happy and free in the place you’re at now just remember i miss you and please just be my guardian angel i miss you cousin ! Just at leaste be happy & #RIP (Taken with Instagram)