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Uhm, hi im alicia call me myluh senior year i love bands and tattoos i wanna be in a band or something one day and i love music alot more than food in all honesty .-. uhm question me if you wonder


ptvmike: Stoked we brought home the GOLD!!! Thanx for having us @revolvermag


Hearing new music from your favorite band is a religious experience

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to be a fan of a band you do not have to:

  • like all the members
  • like all the songs
  • like all the albums
  • know the lyrics to every single song
  • go to their concerts
  • follow them all on social networks

however to be a fan of a band you should:

  • be respectful of all the members, regardless of whether you like them or not
  • support them in what they do, whether you like it or not
  • don’t send them hate directly, have your own opinions but keep them to yourself

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